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Domestic Abuse - Free Training for Voluntary Agencies

Domestic abuse has a devastating effect on victims, including the children living in households where abuse is taking place. Although widespread, it is frequently unreported - many victims suffer in silence. A lack of awareness of the signs of domestic abuse, and trigger points, can mean that the opportunity to assist victims is missed. Cardiff Council has worked with partner agencies, Cardiff’s Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse Coordinator and Learning Industries (a specialist online training developer) to produce a range of e-learning modules relating to domestic abuse. Community Safety funding has allowed the development of a free module, suitable for use by voluntary and community organisations in Cardiff, which is now available.

This module aims to raise awareness amongst staff of domestic abuse and the signs of abuse, and give them confidence in assisting clients appropriately. 

If you would like further information, or would like to register to receive this free resource for your staff, please contact Nicola Jones, Cardiff’s Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Coordinator via email at: (Please note that Nicola works on a part time basis - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only).

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07 Jan 2013 11:30