Repairs to your Home


Depending on your individual circumstances, and whether you live in a rented property or own your own home, you may be able to get help with some repairs.

If you rent your home always check with  in your landlord in the first instance - they may be responsible for the repair.

If you need larger work or adaptations because you are elderly or disabled, or if you want to make changes to your home to make it warmer and to keep your bills down, visit the grants or energy efficiency pages on this site.


Help if you are a Council or Housing Association Tenant

Depending on the type of repair you need your landlord may be responsible for the work, or you may have to make arrangements yourself. In general the Council or Housing Association looks after the structure of your home and ensures that fittings for water, sanitation, gas and electricity are safe and in working order. Most other repairs will be your responsibility.

Council tenants should contact the Connect 2 Cardiff  repair reporting line on 029 2087 2087 to report a repair. Housing Association tenants should contact their landlord direct.

Help if you are an Older Person or Disabled

If you are aged 60+ or disabled and either own your own home or rent from a private landlord Care & Repair may be able to help with your repairs or home improvements. They work closely with Cardiff Council and offer a number of schemes including a Handyperson Service and Safety at Home Service.

Alternatively, you may be able to get a grant from the George Hill-Snook Charity for the Aged to help with household repairs. Visit the Age Concern (Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan) website for more information and an application form.

Help for Private Tenants

If you rent your home from a private landlord make sure that you read your tenancy agreement when you take on the tenancy and are aware of the types of repairs that you are responsible for, and what will be done by your landlord.

If your landlord is reluctant to undertake repairs, or you believe that your home is unsafe, always get advice.

Age Concern

Care & Repair

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