What's available and how to find it

Self-contained houses or flats

You will have your own kitchen and bathroom facilities. This type of accommodation is the most expensive. Prices in Cardiff start at around £45 per week for a bedsit, £55 per week for a flat in cheaper areas and £100 for a two-bedroom house in cheaper areas.

What types of housing are available in the private rented sector?

There is a wide range of homes available in the private rented sector, to suit all needs. The type of home you can rent will depend on your income, references (if these are required), what is available at the time you look for a home and the areas you choose to look in.

Renting a room as a lodger

This is where you rent a room in someone's house or flat and you share all facilities with the landlord. You can expect to pay from £40 to £80 per week for this type of accommodation depending on the area.

Living in a shared home

You have your own room, but share facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom with other tenants. A room in a shared house or flat will vary according to the number of people, but two-bedroom flats start from about £40 per week in cheaper areas.

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