Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the following questions, which many people ask, may also be helpful to you:

Which waiting list should I apply to join - the Common Waiting List or the Gypsy & Traveller Waiting List?

You can apply to join just one list or both - it is up to you. Being registered on one list does not affect your position on the other. Before applying to either the Common Waiting List or the Gypsy & Traveller Waiting List you should think about the type of housing you need and whether mainstream housing suits you.

Can I apply for both sites?

Yes you can. When you fill in the application form to join the Gypsy & Traveller Waiting List you are given the choice of registering for the Rover Way site, the Shirenewton site or BOTH.

How long will I have to wait?

We can't give you an exact waiting time for a pitch because it depends on how many become available and the number of people already on the waiting list. As a guide, there are now more than 30 applicants and families on the list, and no pitches became available at either site in the last year - so clearly waiting times are long.

Privately rented flats and houses are available via this website, or to find out how long you might have to wait for a Council or Housing Association property you can use the Waiting Time Calculator

Would renting on a private site suit me better?

There are privately-owned sites in Cardiff specifically for Gypsies & Travellers. If you want to find out more about these contact Gypsies & Travellers Wales on Tel : 029 2021 4411.

What type of tenancy will I be offered?

Pitches on the Council-run Gypsy & Traveller sites are let under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (amended by the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013). You will be asked to sign a written agreement and will be able to keep your pitch as long as you keep to the terms of that agreement.

When you sign the agreement you will be given a document called ''Terms and Conditions of a Written Agreement'' which lists the conditions that you are signing up to and must therefore keep to. It also tells you what duties the Council has to you as a Gypsy & Traveller site resident.

Will I be able to claim Housing Benefit?

Depending on your income you may be able to get Housing Benefit to help with your rent for the pitch. In addition to this, if you need to rent a mobile home because you don't have one of your own, Housing Benefit may help with the rental costs. You can use the Council's Housing Benefit Calculator as a guide, but if you need more information contact the Housing Benefit Section on Tel : 029 2087 2087.