Housing Options - Council and Housing Association Accommodation

An example of council accommodation

Cardiff Council and the Housing Associations in the city have a common waiting list for their properties. Anyone aged 16 or over can apply but you should think about:

  • Where you want to live - are there Council or Housing Association properties in that area?
  • How long will you have to wait?
  • Would renting privately suit you better?
  • What are the differences between Council and Housing Association tenancies?

Information is also included below for existing Council and Housing Association tenants who want to move, or who are interested in buying their home.


Did you know?

There are approximately 10,000 people on the Common Waiting List, and over 700 new applications are received each month. Only 1,600 or so Council and Housing Association properties become available for letting each year.

I have applied - how long will I have to wait?

People are often surprised at how few properties the Council and Housing Associations now have and how long the waiting list is. The Waiting Time Calculator provides information to help people who have applied for housing decide whether renting from the Council/Housing Associations is right for them at the moment. This includes details of:

  • Where the Council and Housing Associations have properties
  • The number of lettings made in the various areas of the city
  • Estimated chance of receiving an offer

Have a look at the information and the heatmaps to help you decide what you want to do.

I haven't applied yet - what are my options?

You can use the Waiting Time Calculator to get an idea of the availability of Council and Housing Association properties in different areas of the city. Think about whether this is the best option for you, and if you want to apply visit a Council Hub or Housing Association office to ask for an application form or contact the Waiting List Team on 029 2053 71111 (Option 1). An appointment will be made for you to attend a Housing Application Interview, where you will be given housing advice based on your needs.

The maps also provide information at a glance including availability of private rented sector properties which may be more suitable for you depending on where you want to live.

If you are working, you may also want to think about buying a property through a shared equity scheme.

At risk of being homeless

If you are faced with losing your home you need to get advice as quickly as possible.  Getting help at an early stage can stop your housing problem becoming a crisis.  Whether you are a home owner, private tenant, council or housing association tenant you can contact our Housing Options service below or call us on 029 2057 0750.  You can also call into one of our Advice Hubs or other advice agency in Cardiff. You can find out more on the Cardiff Council website.

Do you need an adapted property?

The Cardiff Accessible Homes Scheme is run in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government and the our Housing Association partners in Cardiff to meet the housing needs of disabled applicants. You can register for the scheme if you, or somebody in your household, is disabled and need to move to a suitably adapted property. For further information contact the Cardiff Accessible Homes Scheme on Tel: 02920 537023 or by email at cah@cardiff.gov.uk

Are you an existing Council or Housing Association Tenant?

Existing Council and Housing Association tenants who want to move can apply for an exchange or transfer.

Homeswapper is a national website which helps tenants find a suitable exchange either in Cardiff or elsewhere.

Alternatively, to apply for a transfer to another Council or Housing Association property in Cardiff telephone 02920 537111 (and press option 1 for Waiting List team) or visit your local Hub or Housing Association office.

Asbestos in Council owned properties

All Council properties have either been checked for asbestos, or are scheduled to be checked. To see whether any asbestos has been found in your property please visit our asbestos checker - type in part of your street name and choose your property.

More information can be found by following the links within the asbestos checker pages.