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Cardiff Council's Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal (HANR) section has carried out approximately 12,000 domestic asbestos surveys and will continue until all our properties are surveyed. The survey findings have shown that none of the asbestos identified was classed as high risk.

The vast majority of the asbestos identified has been classed as LOW or VERY LOW RISK.

If asbestos material is damaged or classified as MEDIUM or HIGH RISK, HANR will take immediate action to have it repaired, encapsulated or removed.

Please Remember: Asbestos is not a risk if it is in good condition and is not disturbed.

The risk categories are defined as follows:

Very Low Risk or Low Risk, these are categories that are applied to asbestos containing materials in a good condition and located in an area where damage or disturbance is considered to be unlikely.

Medium Risk, This category is applied to asbestos containing materials that are in good condition but located in an area where damage is considered to be possible.

High Risk, This category is applied to asbestos containing materials where an urgent management action is required to make the asbestos containing material safe.

If you are a Council Tenant and you want to carry out any home improvements that may disturb an asbestos containing material, or have any further questions about any asbestos in your home and the associated information, please do not hesitate to contact Cardiff Council's Asbestos Helpline on 029 2087 2087.

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