Energy Efficiency - Home Improvements in Privately Rented Accommodation

Home Improvements - Renting Privately

If you rent your home from a private landlord the options you can think about for keeping your bills down and keeping your property warm are generally the same as for home owners. But remember - if you think that you need extra insulation, a new central heating boiler or any other work always talk to your landlord first

As well as saving you money, energy saving home improvements can benefit your landlord by adding value to the property. It is also worth remembering that as a tenant you may be able to get a grant or discount for some of the work, so that your landlord will get a good deal.     

Your landlord may be very willing to arrange the improvements with you, and he / she may be able to claim a tax allowance for the costs of some of the work. 


Are you struggling to pay your bills?

If you are having trouble paying any of your bills always get advice. Home improvements such as double glazing or extra insulation can help in the long term, but for more immediate help contact your electricity, gas and water supplier -  you may be able to get a better deal. Also talk to your landlord - he / she may be willing to adjust your rent or help in other ways.

Don't ignore the problem - always get advice.  Contact one of the advice agencies in Cardiff, call the Home Heat Helpline for more information. 

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